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Here's the thing. Anyone can be an escort. Anyone. You want to be an escort? Boom, you're an escort. Have fun. It's not like you need to go out and a half dozen state documents to receive your initial advisory certification, before heading off to an approval board made up of the most important escorts in the city before you can receive your escort license, which you need to maintain every three years by enrolling in a college course on hospitality in the escort business. Na, doesn't go that way. You want to be an escort, you're an escort. A lot of girls do that. Seemingly easy money, right? Tell a dude you want to show him a good time and you're in the club with cash flowing in from every direction. It can work like that...but let's be honest. While everyone can be an escort, not everyone will make it, or should ever, and we mean ever, actually become an escort (yes I'm sure that one girl has all sorts of inner beauty, but when I'm confusing her sagging tits with her knee caps, we have a problem). So why should you work with us, if anyone can stand up as independent escorts?

Have To Know What You Are Looking For

You should book with us because while anyone can become a call girl or stripper, not everyone can work with us. We, unlike Craigslist, do have requirements. Very strict requirements. We do all of the vetting through girls in the city so you don't have to. We know when you travel, it can be overwhelming, and sifting through girls to find the right independent escort on your own can be like panhandling for gold in the middle of a gold-painted rock quarry. So don't even try. Let our escort agencies work with you to provide the best girls direct to you. After all, life is just too short to be booking every single girl until you find the right one (and half the time pray to God that she's a she in the first place).

Never settle when finding the right escort services. This is your time and you deserve to have an excellent experience. We are the escort service that skims the girls until we know we have the best of the best. So while just about anyone can become an escort, we pick out the cream of the crop. The girls who actually do the best job possible and who leave their guys always satisfied. So if you want that perfect girl, check out our escort agency.

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