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TRIXIE is Full of Youth, Vitality and Loves Outdoor Sports!

Actually you'll be surprised by this energetic young beauty. Her healthy tan and glowing youthful appearance is impressive in any venue. Trixie is able to bring energy and feeling young into any adventure you can think of. As one of our youngest escorts in Miami, our Trixie is loved by all. It doesn't take her long to blend in with just about any crowd.

Times with Trixie are Memorable to Say the Least!

Her natural fun loving spirit and adventurous curiosity goes a long way in a public event or in a private evening in your hotel. Her dates always linger over their memories of time spent with this young jewel, she is vivacious and winning, a combination not easy to forget among our escorts in Miami. The way she dances, her friendly fun outlook, the way she cuddles up to you like a kitten or a loving puppy on the couch, you'll find yourself drifting back to your good times with Trixie.

1) Trixie what kind of men do you enjoy most?
That's really a hard question because I have always loved men so much! When I was a little girl, my favorite part of the day was when my dad came home and I would jump up into his lap for a bedtime story. Men have been a positive influence to me all my life, so it's only natural that I love them all, young and old, all sizes and shapes. I have favorite things about them all.

2) Are you ticklish?
There have been many things I have learned to control with my body, and most surprisingly, although I am very skilled, physically, the one thing I cannot seem to conquer is my ticklishness. Perhaps this is because I am a highly sensitive female.

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Miami and South Beach escorts
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