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PEARL Top VIP the Ultimate Experience

Many women like to dress for success, but what that phrase means to Pearl is a whole different dimension! She has the kind of body that looks breath-taking in an office career outfit, a party dress, a bikini or totally butt-naked. There's no other way to say it, it's the way she is built, the way she moves, and how she carries herself. No matter what she's wearing, or not wearing, no matter where she is going, or even just staying - in your hotel room for example, this girl is going to get your complete attention.

Spending Time at the Beach or at a Hot Club

Be prepared with this one, she walks into a room and everyone stops, she is that sexy. Whether she realizes what she is doing or not, she just has an aura about her. Being the guy walking in with her can be a sensational high. If you think about it, the entire room is dying to know who she is, and you're the lucky person who's taking her back to your hotel tonight. Whether it's a business dinner or a friend's beach party, there's no doubt all eyes are on you and your unbelievable queen of the escorts in Miami.

1) Pearl, does it bother you that you're considered such a "show-stopper" in this town?
No, not really. I had to get used to the looks I got from men, and women, when I was a teenager. My boobs where really big at a young age, and with a small waist, they are all the more noticeable. I just decided I might as well enjoy the attention, because it wasn't going to stop. From that point on, I just learned to have all kinds of fun with them. When I am massaging a date it never fails that my chest gets in the way. Some guys don't mind if my "girls" sometimes brush their face or rub against their body during a naked massage. Sometimes I think they just have a mind of their own!

2) Tell us what you find hot in a man?
I find men are really hot when they are alone with me in their hotel room. They may be shy or quiet or even act like the funny guy in the place where they work or where they hang out, but once they get alone with me, everything is different. Besides, I love men, but I love women too. In fact when I am dating a couple, they often see a side of each other they didn't know was there. We have so much fun together, it's feels natural to just be ourselves and let our true sexuality run free.

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Miami and South Beach escorts
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