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FRANKIE She's an Ultimate Level VIP - Not Surprising at All!

This is one of our hottest, internationally known top level escorts Miami adores. You might expect that a high-level escort like Frankie would be all uppity and "above it all". In truth, she is the exact opposite. She reached her level partly because of her love of people. Everyone who meets her and spends time with her has great respect and love for her. She's no princess, she's established royalty.

Dating the Best, Experience Feeling of Success!

You've decided to invest in quality with Miami escorts VIP service, you are in for an adventure of a lifetime. Frankie is more than exquisite, she's a rare gem of quality. How did she win the recognition as one of our precious "best in service"? She understands every subtlety involved in the skill of providing the perfect escort service experience. If you have heard that we have top quality service above all other escort services in the Miami Beach area, it's because of the care our VIP escorts take to ensure our clients thoroughly enjoy their experiences.

1) Frankie, you are like the royalty of escorts in the Miami Beach area, what is that like?
I love this city, it's fun taking my dates to all the top spots in Florida. Many of the people calling me come from all around the country. They want me to know in advance that they want to see me while they are here. I love that about them, because it gives me time to plan an exceptional experience. Just giving me advance notice that you are on your way guarantees you some very special features in my services.

2) People say you really love and enjoy all types of people, how does this help with your work?
Performing the skills of a professional escort well, is a long-time development of talent and empathy. My natural love of people helps me to understand what makes someone happy, how to please them, and what is meaningful to their experience. Being an escort is very different from other careers in Miami because we combine so many aspects of what a companion is. The main concern of every escort is that she brings complete satisfaction to her client.

We have the ultimate quality hookup with Miami beach babes
Miami and South Beach escorts
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