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Miami Beach Escorts

Girls that will make heads turn everywhere in Florida

Throughout the United States, even the world, you would be hard pressed to find an exotic, fun-filled atmosphere that's better than Miami Beach. It is a day to night experience. From the beautiful anything goes sandy beaches to beach side restaurants or luxury hotels with elaborate swimming pool space. Daylight in Miami Beach can be a fantastic experience.

Night life in Miami Beach won't leave you feeling short-handed either. There are several bars sure to make your visit worthwhile, with their opulent ambiance, and various selection of drink mixes. And there's always the chance you can make a new friend or two. Live music clubs abound, featuring a variety of music genres available for your listening pleasure. There are cultural and regional sounds like meringue, salsa, or just your basic rock and roll, pop, R&B, or jazz. Get true Miami heat at dance clubs filled beautiful people dancing the night away to beautiful sounds.

Hire Miami Beach Escorts

Experiencing the fun side of Miami Beach can be an absolutely great time for anyone. But let's face it, doing it alone won't be as nearly rewarding as sharing it with someone. What can a man do when he's in town a limited amount of time, and has no way of meeting someone that can adapt to your structured schedule.
This is were we come in. Miami Beach Escorts has a roster of South Beach escorts that can make your eyes pop out. What can be more fun that having a super hot local gal that knows all the hot spots and is singularly dedicated to making your night an extremely pleasurable one. These women are stunning and attractive beyond your dreams. They are also talented, refined, and wise in the ways of pleasing a man. All body types are represented, so are hair colors, skin tone, and the like. Grab a long legged thin super model type, or go for a curvy Sports Illustrated bikini model, or anything in between. They are the best escorts in Miami.

Hit The Town

In terms of public excursions, anything goes. From fine dining during the daylight hours, trips to South Beach, shopping, and anything you desire can be performed by our Miami escorts. Night life options are right there also. Dine at a quality restaurants, cool out at a bar, take in live music performances, or boogie the night away at a hot dance club.

Just Stay In

Here's a terrific bonus. The night doesn't have to end there. You and your escort can retire to your hotel room and have her perform a strip tease or lap dance that will dazzle you to no end. Tired and stressed after a busy day. Get a slow, sensual massage that will make any pent up tensions disappear in a big way.

Great Escorts Miami Beach

So come on board with is, mister. We have the absolute best escorts in Miami Beach dedicated to making your day one you'll remember for the rest of your life. So just pick up the phone and give up a call.

Back in Miami

You have just landed in Miami Beach and made your way into a pretty nice hotel room. It's not a suite, but otherwise it's pretty nice. You don't have a lot of time. You have to put on your work monkey suit. A dark suit and tie, and of course, the traditional white shirt. You have done this before with the same business purpose in mind. But thinking about your last visit to lovely and exotic Miami bums you out. The weather was great, the business you got done was just so so, and you had almost zero fun. The best thing you did was hang out at a classy bar and drink a little too much as you watched guys trying to hook up with girls, most of them going down to dismal failure. Yet they were better than you. You didn't even try.

You know what the plan will be. You have to bounce to another hotel to listen to a motivational speech by some lucky jerk ten years younger that you who managed to strike gold and make zillions of dollars. Now he pockets thousands a pop talking to goofs like you. You don't really want to hear what he's got to say. But you do have a question to ask him. You know he's dated a famous super model. You would like to know if grabbing the model's ass was as much fun as looking at the internet pictures of her ass as she hangs out on the beach. You tell yourself it has to be better this time. But how can you make it happen? Then it pops into your head. Your buddy telling you about a great time had by him on a business trip because he spent the day with a great looking escort. Bingo!

Hiring Miami Beach Escorts

You look around and decide to call Miami Beach Escorts and ask what is available for you to select. You've had women in your life. Some of them easily qualified as being attractive. But what about that special "dream girl." You come up with what you want. Someone like that hot young singer that did the song about kissing a girl and liking it. That's what you need, long dark hair, semi-girl next door features, long shapely legs, and a pair of big beautiful boobs.
Oh yes!

A Boring Speech

When you get a look at your escort for the evening, we'll call her Linda, your first thought is she's even better looking than the singer you hoped to duplicate. She is tall and shapely with great tits. She's wearing a snug fitting white blouse with a V neck. Her black dress pants have a super tight painted on look. You're won over by her before she even gets to you and says she's ready to go with anything you want to do, and she hopes to make it a pleasant experience. You are starting to fall in love with escorts Miami style.

The two of you make it to the hotel conference room filled with temporary folding chairs. You know there will be people you have encountered before, probably due to their bosses thinking there is value in hearing that guy talk. You and Linda stroll in together and heads literally turn from all sides of the room, not because of your nice suit, but because you have the best looking woman in the room on your arm. Some of the past acquaintances make eye contact with you, looks of amazement on their faces. You just wave and smile slyly.

You and Linda take a seat as close to the front as you can get. Mr. Lucky Rich Guy starts his speech. You try to concentrate on what he's saying, but you just can't. Your eyes try to stay straight ahead. But you still catch a glimpse of Linda's crossed legs. You wonder how they would feel locked around your torso as you make love to her. Mr. Lucky Rich Guy drones on and on. Blah, blah, blah, motivation, blah, blah, blah, hard work, blah, blah, blah, focus. And then it's finally over. On the way out Linda suggests your day together doesn't have to end. She would be willing to go on to the next thing if it would help you. Oh yes! It would. It would. You feel the love for Miami beach escorts.

Drumming Up Business

Your next stop is a field house filled with industry-related booths. The idea is to sell your wares directly, or at least set up a meeting for later. Having Linda with you is an inspiration of sorts. You manage to do well enough to make your boss happy.

You're thinking about leaving until your eyes land on a guy you encountered the last time you were in town. Let's call him Mr.Grumpy. You had to almost beg him to meet with you about a large order. When the meeting went down you could see the the disinterest in his eyes as you made your pitch. The turn down was hardly a shock.As you and Linda approach you call tell Grumpy is captivated by her. This time your exact same pitch is met with interest. You make a date to meet at a bar over drinks. Later that night, you and Linda go to meet Mr. Grumpy at a dimly lit high end bar. Linda comes dressed in a shimmering above the knee dress with an upside down triangle front that reveals a decent amount of her hefty cleavage. To begin with, the three of you sit down at a table to have drinks. You tell Grumpy you and Linda have been friends a few years, but you missed her the last time you were in town. Linda goes along with the lie, and he laps it all up.

Linda excuses herself so we can talk business. You and Grumpy watch her walk to a stool at the bar. You can tell he was highly impressed. The business talk goes very smoothly. Grumpy can't help looking in Linda's direction from time to time. She always responds with a big smile. Before the session is over Grumpy has ordered twice as much merchandise than you had hoped. You think, thank you God, thank you Linda. You join Linda at the bar and you down a few drinks. She asks if the business has tired you out, or are you up for some fun. Like going out to dance. Dancing sounds very good to you. Linda excuses herself to go to the ladies room. When she returns her above the knee dress had been hiked to a point that the hemline is only a couple inches below her ass. You fixate on her legs. They are perfect and seem to go on forever. Linda has to be one of the best escorts Miami. You can only think, God bless America. God bless America.

Dance The Night Away

You and Linda get through the dance club entrance and move through a short vestibule. She takes out a compact to check her make up. It slips from her grasp. When Linda bends over to pick it up a good portion of her well formed ass is visible. For a moment you think you must be dreaming. But then you realize it is real life. You go to the main dance floor and there is a bombardment of sound and flashing lights. Just looking around a little shows you Linda's style of dress is actually conservative. There were babes in thongs, see through tops, skirts and dresses with slits up the front, back, and sides. You realize one reason why you love women. You know you haven't been to a dance club for a good long time. Partly because you're an absolutely terrible dancer. You try to put it off by suggesting you go to the second level where there are table and chairs, but Linda insists on hitting the floor.

To top it off, you find out Linda is a great dancer, knowing when to twist and twirl, rotate her head, spin, and drop it like it's hot. You struggle to keep up with her, knowing you efforts are failing.
Our last dance is to a very slow love ballad. It is pretty much an excuse for couples to get real close and grope each other. You know from experience that women you just met don't appreciate getting too close on the dance floor. But it is Linda who moves in close. Her perfume is more alluring, her boobs tight against your chest. She even moves your hand from her waist to her ass. It's tight enough from working out, but still squeezable. Linda whispers in your ear above a special service you didn't know was available. Lap dance, lap dance. Sure, why not? You can't stop loving escorts Miami style.

Last Dance

In a flash, it seems, you and Linda our at your hotel room. She takes a small CD player from her purse and plays an old disco diddy about a guy asking if you think he's sexy. Linda hops to the middle of the bed, swivels her hips as she dips up and down. She moves down to the floor, and puts one leg on the foot of the bed as she gyrates with even more vigor. A quick spin and a lean forward and she has her boobs in your face as you sit in your chair. Just when you think it can't get any hotter, Linda switches her position and bounces her ass across your crotch. Could heaven be any better? You never want it to end, but it eventually does. A fitting end to a great day and night.

You can't come to Miami Beach alone and stay alone. Not when you have the dozens of Miami escorts from Miami Beach Escorts more than willing to make you stay a spectacular one. Call us please!

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